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    Ong Chee Kok

    Hi All


    My online examination had expired can help to extend to a later date.

    Name : Kelvin Ong Chee kok

    IC: S8132409C


    Best Regards,

    Kelvin Ong


    Hi Kelvin,

    It has been extended to 60 days.

    Please check.

    SIPMM Team


    Kam Si Mun

    Hi All,

    My Online question statement: Select the two options that are not the methods for transfer pricing

    However, I can only click on 1 answer instead of two.

    Please advise.

    My Course: LIT

    Name: Kam Si Mun


    Dear Kam Si Mun,

    Thank you for reporting. The issue has been solved.

    Please try again.


    Ti Wei An

    Hi Sir/Madam,


    I would like to request for the extension of the online examination for 1 more day.

    I was pre-occupied with work for the stock take audit on Sunday, 30 Sep 2018, and have been working till past midnight daily. Hence I hope that you can grant me the extension for 1 more day for me to complete the examinations.

    Thank you.




    Wei An

    Email: ti@hoya.com


    this has been solved.


    Goh Hui Shan
    This reply has been marked as private.

    Dear Hui Shan

    You cannot retake the exam once you have passed.



    Peter Robinson


    At what point or action does the online course time start?  If I pay for the course now, how long do I have before I have to commence, in the case that I am away next month for 30 days, alternatively is it possible to pause the course?  Can you provide more information about course start and end terms & conditions to assist with my planning.  Thanks



    Dear Peter Robinson,

    The days will only start counting down when you hit the start course button after you have been given the access. After you hit the start course button, you will need to complete the online course within 60 days. If you face any technical problems or that you do not have access for a certain period, just let us know. We will consider your circumstances and extend the days accordingly.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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