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    Lim Hui Chee Winky

    Hi ,

    I have fail for exam, when I need to retake which unable to do that. Can you please advise me is there any issue occur.

    According to prof Pro, I able to take this examination till I pass it.

    Kindly advise. Thanks.




    Hi Winky,

    You are allowed to keep retaking till you pass by clicking on “Check Results”, a pop-up window will appear and click on the retake button. Please refer to the screenshots below.

    Best Regards,

    Support Team


    Aung Soe Tun


    i’ve failed my ¬†online exam even i get 72/100 . May i know what is the passing marks?


    Dear Aung Soe Tun,

    The passing marks is 80 marks.




    Ong Joo Seng

    hi,i only 60 mark,after 3 try,can i take exam again,how much i need to pay,pls advise,thanks


    Dear Joo Seng,

    My colleague will contact you regarding this.



    Clay Goh Kian Loong

    unable to retake after 3 attempts, for assistance pls.


    Palaniappan Kavitha
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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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