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SIPMM has its history dated back in 1972 when the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM) was founded to organize professional courses for those engaged in the profession.

Background History of SIPMM

December 14

Representatives of SIPMM and NTUC at the MOU Signing Ceremony

SIPMM and NTUC at the MOU Signing Ceremony

Another strategic collaboration of SIPMM with NTUC, the lead union body in Singapore with 900,000 members. At the signing ceremony was Prof. Poh (seated second from right) and Mr Heng Chee How, Senior Minister of State (seated from left)

July 2

Launch of SIPMM Online Courses


SIPMM Courses fully operational for Online Learning and Certification.

April 17

SIPMM Initiating Online Course Project


SIPMM Academy initiated an online course project, to make available SIPMM specialized courses both in and outside Singapore. The project SIPMM Online Courses was scheduled to launch in July 2016.

November 17

Strategic Collaboration with Trade & Industry Association Singapore


SIPMM Academy collaborated with Trade & Industry Association Singapore (TIAS) to provide business and professional development courses for the trade association, which has more than 2,000 members.

January 17

SIPMM Established Educational Arm


With the gazette of the Private Education Act (Chapter 247A) in December 2011, SIPMM Academy was established as a separate entity to conduct SIPMM courses relating to purchasing, warehousing, logistics and supply chain management.

March 26

SIPMM Established Corporate Training


SIPMM established a separate entity to conduct professional and specialized skills workshops that are conducted at hotels. The entity also conducts customised In-House Trainings that are delivered at the company’s premise.

May 12

Strategic Collaboration With World Certification Institute in the US


SIPMM collaborated with World Certification Institute (WCI), a global body that is headquartered in Washington, to offer Competency Credential Awards.

October 26

SIPMM Assisted CFLP To Develop the Official China PMI


SIPMM assisted the China government and its professional association, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) to produce the official China PMI. The launch was a huge success for China.

July 8

Launch of Singapore’s PMI in 1998


SIPMM successfully conducted pilot trials to produce the Singapore Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for the manufacturing industry. The Singapore PMI was made available to the public on January 1999. Since then, the monthly index has become a key barometer of the Singapore economy and is closely watched by economists, analysts and media agencies worldwide.

May 9

Strategic Collaboration with Southern Cross University in Australia


SIPMM collaborated with Southern Cross University (Australia) to conduct the Bachelor of Business Administration degree with specialism in Purchasing and Logistics Management.

February 5

Strategic Collaboration with SAF School of Logistics for ALOC


SIPMM collaborated with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) School of Logistics to jointly conduct the Advanced Logistics Officers’ Course (ALOC).

May 3

Strategic Collaboration with SAF School of Logistics for ULOC


SIPMM collaborated with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) School of Logistics to jointly conduct the Unit Logistics Officers’ Course (ULOC).

February 4

Collaboration with RMIT University


SIPMM collaborated with RMIT University (Australia) to conduct the Master of Business (Logistics Management) degree.

July 25

SIPMM Hosted the 2nd IFPSM Asia-Pacific Regional Conference


SIPMM hosted the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference for a second time, and the event attracted huge turnout with active participation from the regional countries.

July 20

Academic Award Presentation at SIPMM Graduation in 1989


SIPMM top students receiving their academic awards from Mr. Henry Heng, former Administrator of SDF Secretariat, who later became the first Chief Executive of Council for Private Education (CPE).

July 8

SIPMM Diploma Courses Launched


SIPMM launched its own diploma with specialism in purchasing and materials management. The photo above shows a Business Law class conducted by the late Mr. S. Rajan, who was a district judge.

January 28

Pre-Launch Briefing Of SIPMM Diploma Courses with prospective students


SIPMM planned a launch of it own diploma courses with specialism in purchasing and materials management, as well as in logistics and supply chain management. Prospective students attending the Pre-Launch Briefing at SIPMM lecture room.

May 12

Strategic Collaboration with University of North London


SIPMM collaborated with University of North London (formerly known as Polytechnic of North London) to conduct higher diploma courses that were awarded by the university. The photo above shows the MOU signing ceremony at SIPMM office in 1987 (Left: Mr Philip Price, the university representative and Prof. Poh from SIPMM).

December 29

Early Batch of SIPMM Graduates


Photo of the graduating class of SIPMM Certificate in Purchasing Management. The success of its Certificate courses spurred SIPMM to explore diploma courses.

September 20

SIPMM Academic Board established


The founding members of SIPMM Academic Board (From left: Mr. George Regasamy from Singapore Airlines, Prof. Philip Poh and Prof. Lee Hsing Yi).

November 10

SIPMM Hosted the 1st IFPSM Asia-Pacific Regional Conference


SIPMM hosted the first Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Singapore, and initiated closer collaboration with institutes in the Asia-Pacific region.

September 5

SIPMM Co-Founded IFPSM, the World Body, and was elected to the Council


SIPMM co-founded the world body, the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) and was elected to the Council.

March 17

SIPMM Founded in 17th March 1972


SIPMM was founded as a professional institute for the development of those engaged in purchasing, warehousing, logistics and supply chain management.


To provide an opportunity for those who seek accredited professional awards through our strategic alliance with accredited institutions of global recognition.

To inspire and instill a sense of purpose and achievement for our students through the development of an industry-relevant and validated course curriculum.

To adopt an efficient administrative system that will enable an effective learning experience of our students.

To work closely with the local educational authority, as well as other government agencies and comply with all regulatory requirements for the responsible execution of our operations.



To be a leading professional institution that epitomizes career success through facilitating knowledge excellence and developing specialism.



Our core values, acronymed as SIPMM, are shown below:

S - represents our focus on our Students, by striving to meet their aspirations to attain career success and guiding them towards overcoming their problems and difficulties.

I - represents our inclination towards Innovation, by providing an innovative learning experience where our students can excel in their studies.

P - represents our emphasis on Process, through implementing effective policy and efficient procedures that comply with all regulatory requirements.

M - represents our orientation towards Mentorship, through careful selection of our academic faculty with proven track record of career success and who are passionate in mentoring and guiding our students for their eventual career success.

M - represents our approach towards Maximization, through the use of effective learning resources to maximize the potential of our students.





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